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Mystery Solved: How to Tighten Single Kitchen Faucet Handle on Moen Adler

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You won’t find any information about the size of the allen wrench that you need to simply tighten the handle on the Moen Adler. You’d think they’d be courteous or have someone there that might think that us consumers might need that information instead of a part number that has no part associated with it.  At any rate, perhaps someone will find this in a Google search and save themselves some angst.

I just used a 3/32 size allen wrench in the hole on the back side, that of course you can’t see into, and the handle is nice and tight.  Hope that helps someone.  I wonder if thinking about the end use will ever return to product manufacturing

Adler chrome one-handle low arc kitchen faucet

Model #:  CA87530


Written by Tony Pfau

April 25, 2015 at 10:03 pm

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War On Vaping, Tyranny in Action

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I smoked for over forty years. I like many smoked because I enjoyed it.  I didn’t want to quit, although I tried several times for several reasons.  I’m not the only one who at one time or another was thinking about quitting, only to find some ban, some new tax representing the government ordering me to quit. So, like many, I said screw you, I’m a free man, so I didn’t.

The assault on smokers started years ago.  Many of the so called facts they cited in order to ban, tax, criminalize tobacco use have had to be “revised”.  Studies show that 66% of cancer they can only attribute to bad genes.  The remaining cancer cases, they can’t really pin down the cause.  They can’t explain old people that smoke and are still alive.  They even had to remove the label from cigarettes that said smoking causes lung cancer, because it was never proven.

Despite all of the laws, taxes, negative press, name calling, they never did remove smoking from society, nor will they.  They never kept kids from smoking. They may have reduced the numbers, but, how can you take them seriously when the same smoke haters are vape haters, that seek to ban vaping which many use to quit smoking tobacco.  So, it never has been about health then has it.

I quite dismayed at the endless misinformation chatter from those who are working to ban vaping. So many reports misleading, don’t report the other facts, or in many cases flat out lie. The fact is that for millions of us, vaping, e-cigarettes is the only thing that helped us quit smoking tobacco, even though it is full surrender to an unfair assault on our freedom. Now, governments and nanny state do gooders are working to ban vaping, which is more of a health solution than a health risk. The most popular is a report about formaldehyde found when a cronie tested vapor made using a power level that no one would ever do. Many reports never show a control set, as in the test with just air, or against tobacco. California just banned it based on false claims that hundreds of thousands will die from vaping.

I’m sure I speak for many of us who have successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping, that the unfair attacks on vaping, the lies, the over reach by governments to tax, regulate, ban, restrict and send now non-smokers out to inhale second hand smoke is very upsetting. The notion that it looks like smoke so it must be, is quite amazing considering those leading the charge against vaping claim to be the intellectually superior.

The question those opposing need to be faced with is simple. Does a free American have the right to drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, vape as a matter of liberty, or are we to surrender to a group of folks who dictate that we must live as they see fit. If you are on the side where you think it’s okay to ban smokers and vapers from smoking or vaping, then how will you handle the bans that come your way for your legal and moral choices?

Since when did liberty become taxable?

Written by Tony Pfau

March 4, 2015 at 2:44 pm

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802.11n via Q1000 and Mac Mystery Unraveled

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For those in the same boat…

Countless hours spent trying to sort through nebulous and vague information, help files, help tutorials to simply get a new MacbookPro to connect to 802.11n via a Qwest / Centurylink Q1000.  Here’s a tip, if you’re trying this too, this is the only place you’ll find what took me days to get worked out.

It took 2 days of searching, including unanswered emails to manufacturer, and the typical can’t contact customer service issue with century link to find out how to get 802.11n working with iPhones and MacBookPro and our iPhones with a Q1000.  Ya think they could have bothered to post this information somewhere?

set the wireless router security to WPA2 Personal AES–as above under Wireless Security.

It can’t go without saying that while those community forums are helpful, once in awhile, manufacturers appear to be skirting the most basic issues.  Speaking of forums, apparently no one on the planet every googled,

“I can’t connect to 802.11n via Q1000”

“Wifi won’t connect to 802.11n on macbook pro or iphone”

“Qwest Q1000 connect to iphone 802.11n”

or many other variations of the same.  All that was wanted was to find someone, somewhere with some information about how they could connect their new macbookpro, iPhone or iPad to 802.11n.   Alas, it must be that this was a problem that only the writer must have suffered, or was it that no one else could find the information either?

So, in case you’re one of the people living in the shadows stuck on 802.11g having hardware that has and can connect to the faster 802.11n, and this page actually showed up in a google search, hope this helped.

Oh here’s another for MacBookPro users. To find out what speed your wifi is connected, i.e. g/n etc, hold the option key down and click the airport icon up top. ( in MacOs 10.12 and newer the info shows below but over black/grey)

It can’t go without saying ,but the dumbing down of the children, the college degrees that document attendance instead of performance is showing up in the pathetic customer service we see from manufacturers throughout the land. You’d think, perhaps just one person might consider that Mac owners might want to connect to the expensive new modem/router they bought.  Of course that might require actually thinking about us the customer instead of whatever the heck they’re thinking about.

Written by Tony Pfau

May 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Riley my pal…

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I learned my name was Riley years ago.  Some called me BB, cutie and a few others.  I was most happy however when I found out my last name was Riley Otumsnotums the 3rd.  The best thing about learning my name was that it came with tons of history.  I didn’t know it for awhile but  according to my dad, I came from a long line of famous famous ancestors.

I have a little trouble pronouncing my last name.  It has too many letters but I know how it sounds.   Some think that when they hear their last name its about getting in trouble.  Not me!  I know that I’m going to get something good when that happens.

I had  good career.  I have little jobs I do in the neighborhood.  I carry toys out to the park for my Dad to play with.  See, dad has a certain disability, he can’t quite understand me sometimes and needs the exercise.   I think he has a speech impediment also.  See I’ll say things to him and I know he wants to communicate, but instead he makes sounds that I sort of recognize as language, but don’t really understand.

My dad is something else.  At night, he would tell me stories about my great uncle Riley Otumsnotums the 2nd who invented gravy.  One of my favorites was the story of my great great great grandfather Riley Otumsnutums the Great who was the father of all of us Otumsnotums.  Riley the great helped start a something called the United States of America by helping the very first president.

Now, I know my dad might be making up some of this.  He also probably exxagerates so I’ll feel important.  Every night he tells me about one of my great relatives.  Even if it isn’t all true, I listen anyway, I like his voice and how his face lights up when he’s saying something that I need to think is important.

I have to look out for him so I stay on the bed to make sure he didn’t fall off, and to protect from burglars or other bad things.

I have a great mom too.  Her voice was like soft silk.  She would sing songs to me that always made me feel good.  Although, mom had this pesky habit of always cleaning my eyes looking at my teeth.  I don’t really know what that was about, but I just let her do it because it seemed to make her feel good.

I learned a few things too.  I learned how the practice playing the piano on my dads arm.  Af first It was odd, but, I found that the better I got at it, that little snacks would suddenly appear.

I think I’m like anyone else.  I like my parents, I love steak, bacon, eggs, a nice walk at sunset and just relaxing and enjoying family time.

I’m better now, but for awhile there I had to go away to stay with some other people.  I think it was a hotel, but with pretty good service.  I’m sure my mom was calling in to make sure they checked my eyes and heart rate and what not.   The food wasn’t all that great but, the people for the most part were real nice.  My mom and dad would come and visit me every day.  They really made over me, but , I wasn’t really felling all that good.  Dad says I lost my appetite, but, I just wasn’t hungry.  He brought me me some things from home so I’d feel better.  It didn’t matter I was just happy to see them, but I wasn’t feeling so well.   The nice people that were watching out for me had all sorts of sparkly things they’d show me. Some of them stung a little bit, but they’d smile and comfort me afterwards.

Then one day, mom and dad they returned.  I was taking a nap and one of the nice people came to get me.  They said I could go home.   Shucks, I was kinda getting used to everyone.  I think I even had a girlfriend or two, or at least could have if I had stayed.  Strange, they were happy for me to leave.

Anyway, back home.  What a thrill. I seemed to have more energy, and felt like I could run a mile. I missed eating mom and dads home cooking.  Dad told me we’re gong to see grandma and grandpa.  They’re old you know so it’s good to see them while we can.  I love it down there.  There’s always some activity to keep my interest.  I also have other friends to play with down there.  I don’t exactly know where it is and can’t pronounce the name, but its about a naps worth of time to get there, as long as my dad’s driving.  If mom’s driving, all bets are off.

After thanksgiving I started feeling a bit odd.  I was tired and lethargic and my legs weren’t doing what they were.  One day in the middle of the day, mom came home. I thought that unusual but I’m always happy to see her, but this day, I really wasn’t feeling so up to snuff.   We hopped in the car and I was back at the hotel with those friendly people again.  I felt bad for a few of them for they seemed quite worried and I would have done anything to make them feel better.   I was thinking my dad could tell them about Riley Otumsnotums the 5th, who laid out train tracks across this great land.  He and my mom were sad too.

A couple of days went by, I think.  The nice people brought me more shiney things to look at.   This time they didn’t sting.   I was there a lot longer than before, but my mom and dad seemed t always be around when I awoke.

Now the bad part,  I apparently wasn’t eating enough so I found myself with a tube through my nose and pumping food into my stomach.  It didn’t last very long though.  I guess my mom and dad got real sad about that then came and picked me up.   The people at the hotel felt bad about my lousy stay so they made up for it and  gave me a little going away present , a sweater with a big heart on it.    I wasn’t mad at them, I just wasn’t feeling to good and was so happy to see my mom and dad.

We went home, and I was pooped.  I couldn’t stand up like I used to.  Dad made me a plate of steak and little bits of bacon.  I did what I could to eat a few to make him feel better, but I really wasn’t up to it.  They made a fire in the fireplace and put me on a chair so I could watch it with them.  Mom sang little songs to me and dad took some pictures.

I think the air must have thickened up while I was gone.  I found I had to breath more and more every minute.   I tried to stand up,even take a little walk but I was exhausted.  I fell down, my mom started crying, my dad did too.  They picked me up and took me back inside.  They had food and drink ready for me but I just wasn’t up to it.   I just wanted to be held.  My mom held me for hours.

I remember that day well.   Dad was crying, mom was crying and singing songs.  Dad got on his phone and called someone and I heard my name.  I figure he’s just gonna help make it better and he did.  I really wasn’t feeling so hot, something was wrong, but dad and mom were gonna fix it.

A couple of hours later, a nice lady showed up at our house. Her name was Dr. Anne.   I was too tired to give her proper salutations so I stayed with my mom, the pain was really getting to me.   A few minutes later, the pain went away.  I was happy but my mom and dad were crying.

The next thing I know, I’m running and jumping and feeling like a million bucks!   I could see my mom and dad and the lady below, I was flying!   I looked around and it was the most beautiful place imaginable.   I tried to talk to my mom and dad, but they couldn’t here me so high up.  Then a nice man came up to me and explained that I would be taken care of with all the steak, toys, cherrios and pupparoni’s I could handle until my mom and dad got here.   He said it’ll only feel like a little nap and I can be with my mom and dad again and that I should practice on my tricks.  He even showed me a few more!  I looked around and all my relatives my dad told me about every night were right here with me!   I found out though that dad made up a whole lot of the stories, but that’s okay, I loved him and my mom more than anything and can’t wait to go play with them in the park up here.

And that is what I believe my little best buddy would say if he could.  His name was Riley Otumsnotums the 3rd, he passed away on December 22nd 2009 and is missed by all who met him.

Riley Otumsnotums the 3rd  was my best friend, my little canine buddy who passed away from liver failure and diabetes two days before Christmas in 2009.  He will always be in my heart and my wife’s heart and is missed by many.  My dad taught me to forgive, my dog taught me how to love.

Written by Tony Pfau

January 5, 2012 at 9:02 pm

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Monetize Web Video- First things First.

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In 2009, 187,000,000 videos were streamed online.[1] Many businesses, believing that just having any video is enough to race off and jump into the cyber-ocean with their ill thought, talking head “video”.  Instead of finding increased business, leads, and fame, they find themselves as a brine shrimp in a sea of unwatched talking heads, baffled about why they aren’t seeing immediate sales increases. While everyone wants to find out how to make web video make money, many over look the basic foundation that enables them to do so. If you take a look at how the funny viral videos that do make money you’ll get a clue. Business promotion videos have the same requirements as do the entertainment videos on the web. The first step to making web video work for your business is to have something good for the audience to watch.

Much like a home won’t sell if it doesn’t show well, neither does a talking head, or disjointed video that’s boring, that the audience doesn’t watch. You can’t expect to promote your brand and make money, if you’re putting a crummy foot, half effort, forward for your first impression.

Jessica Kizorek and Steve Young, [2] online video marketing experts, point out that even if you are to get millions of hits, poor quality, boring material works against the marketing efforts.
Unfortunately, apparently facts don’t matter to some. There is still a mindset that regarding web video, quality doesn’t matter and that audiences expect, low resolution, home made video.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are wise to reject that notion. When did your image, your brand stop mattering? Simply take a look at how television, commercials, radio, movies and advertising business works. The audience experience matters. Every picture has a purpose and should convey something to the viewer.

Simply making a video is not the same as creating a good, effective, cohesive, interesting, short video that a viewer likes and responds to. Can you afford run off your business? With millions of talking head social videos out there, that all look and sound the same, one promoting themselves needs to do something to stand out, that is quality. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Tony Pfau

August 9, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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Ministry of Deception: A Despot’s Dream

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There is no question that freedom previously protected by the Constitution and prosperity is in the hands of aloof representatives and the press.  Americans are discovering that what is being reported is not at important as what is not; for in the omissions hide the tempests.  The environment dilutes clarity, and creates the perfect air of confusion, distrust, and paves the way for a corrupt dishonest state to push forward with an agenda it would otherwise be disallowed. The realities behind the old Jewish proverb, “A half truth is a whole lie” is evident now more than ever. A compliant media that advocates government policy presents a threat to American freedom and safety just as any approaching army.  Preserving freedom requires diligent questioning by the public of the media coverage of government policy.

George Orwell illustrated the manipulation of the population through the media in his book “1984”.  The “Ministry of Truth” [i] was a branch of government that wrote the news to propel its propaganda, facilitate the party agenda, and control the people. The current similarities are frightening. Today, we see reports of the economy growing, production is up, job creation and support of an agenda that threatens liberty.  Unfortunately, despite the trumpeting, the people are not seeing the results of the alleged economic recovery in housing, jobs, or sentiment in the market.

In 1946 Supreme Court Justice Justice Felix Frankfurter stated, “Without a free press there can be no free society … Without a lively sense of responsibility a free press may readily become a powerful instrument of injustice.” (Penneckamp v. Florida). Faced with today’s issues, advocacy of bad policy could easily become the “instrument of injustice.” Spewing half-truths or talking-points seems to be par for the course anymore. A compliant press that advocates government policy presents a threat to liberty just as any approaching army.  Americans deserve a responsible press that will find the other half of the truth to protect against despotism. Why are they derelict? Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Tony Pfau

May 7, 2010 at 2:17 am

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The New Yorker , “No Credit” by John Cassidy

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Author John Cassidy offers credit for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s actions in the recent economic crisis and provided credit for his performance. The article explains the political climate Mr. Geithner faced and his courage to stand up for what he believed would help shore up a failing financial system. It requires more than a basic understanding of economics to truly get a grasp on its meaning. Key economic points and questions were presented but other crucial facts were absent making this piece lean towards political posturing.

The first clue about Mr. Cassidy’s point of view was his proclamation that Senator Lindsay Graham, a liberal Republican, was on the right. Voting record analysis of Lindsay Graham shows he is not considered a right leaning politician, but a moderate. (GovTrack) Most Republicans will tell you that he masquerades as a republican, but votes like a Democrat. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Tony Pfau

August 11, 2009 at 4:22 pm