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Ministry of Deception: A Despot’s Dream

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There is no question that freedom previously protected by the Constitution and prosperity is in the hands of aloof representatives and the press.  Americans are discovering that what is being reported is not at important as what is not; for in the omissions hide the tempests.  The environment dilutes clarity, and creates the perfect air of confusion, distrust, and paves the way for a corrupt dishonest state to push forward with an agenda it would otherwise be disallowed. The realities behind the old Jewish proverb, “A half truth is a whole lie” is evident now more than ever. A compliant media that advocates government policy presents a threat to American freedom and safety just as any approaching army.  Preserving freedom requires diligent questioning by the public of the media coverage of government policy.

George Orwell illustrated the manipulation of the population through the media in his book “1984”.  The “Ministry of Truth” [i] was a branch of government that wrote the news to propel its propaganda, facilitate the party agenda, and control the people. The current similarities are frightening. Today, we see reports of the economy growing, production is up, job creation and support of an agenda that threatens liberty.  Unfortunately, despite the trumpeting, the people are not seeing the results of the alleged economic recovery in housing, jobs, or sentiment in the market.

In 1946 Supreme Court Justice Justice Felix Frankfurter stated, “Without a free press there can be no free society … Without a lively sense of responsibility a free press may readily become a powerful instrument of injustice.” (Penneckamp v. Florida). Faced with today’s issues, advocacy of bad policy could easily become the “instrument of injustice.” Spewing half-truths or talking-points seems to be par for the course anymore. A compliant press that advocates government policy presents a threat to liberty just as any approaching army.  Americans deserve a responsible press that will find the other half of the truth to protect against despotism. Why are they derelict?

Some may say the media can only report what the government tells them.  Sure, that might be valid if the government had a track record of being truthful. Of late, there is more than enough reason to question the government’s honesty and its motives. The responsible action would be to verify and get the whole story before rushing it to press. If there is more to a story, then that should be said.  Without investigation, the race to get the story out simply facilitates government’s efforts to spin; half-truths become the whole story

Trusted sources appear to be willing, or unaware accomplices in the political deception game.  For example, John Cassidy wrote an article in The New Yorker in his article “No Credit[ii] that offers praise to Timothy Geithner.  Mr. Geithner parrots the administration’s claims that the stress tests saved the country from the second great depression.  The problem, Cassidy never questioned the claim or explained exactly how simply doing their job saved us all from certain devastation.  He touted economic growth, but failed to expand on the factors that made up the small increase in GDP or how GDP was stated. The article presents an illusion of a balanced piece, but upon a closer look, it is subtle cheerleading for the administration’s big government policies. The danger lies in the fact that the issues are so complex that it is easy to fool the average person, a goal of many politicians.  A misled public can end up supporting people and policies that are oppressive or pose disastrous economic consequences.

The Associated Press released a report detailing key aspects of the financial overhaul bill being considered by Congress. It was quickly chirped by newspapers across the country.  While it did give a brief overview of some of the key aspects, it left out one very important and dangerous part. The article is silent about the power that would be handed to the executive branch. If passed, it would give the president the power to seize private financial businesses and or issue edicts without those businesses having any sort of judicial review, the ability to take their case to a court. Dick Morris in his article for The Hill, “Obama’s Terrible Powers”, and other conservatives were quick to report this. As usual, it was generally ignored by many in the main stream media.  Handing over Chavez style totalitarian power to the executive branch should be on the front page of every major newspaper. The omission, intentional or through dereliction, should give pause to every individual in the country.

The recent health care legislation debate was the mother load of misdirection and divisiveness.  Conveniently, after the bill passed, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed what many opposing the bill were saying, that the bill would indeed raise health care costs.  The country was just lied to, again. Americans knew it, just as Mr. Geithner said, “Americans are not economically illiterate, quite the opposite…” [iii] The question looms, how did skepticism get replaced with homage?

The attacks on the TEA Protestors are an alarming omen of oppression.  The protestors are but ordinary citizens that are exercising their right to oppose an expanding government.  Many in the main-stream media think it their job to disparage and paint a scary picture of these Americans. Commentators chuckle amongst themselves as they describe the people as tea-baggers, racists, homophobes, rednecks, illiterates, Klan members and more. These attacks harmonize party efforts to marginalize the movement.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC and others bugle their contempt of the TEA party, almost to the point of obsession. Considering that the website The Hill reports a poll showing 40% of Tea Party Activists identify themselves as democrat or independent, the attacks are not on her nemesis, the conservatives, but on the American people.  Even in Mr. Cassidy’s report from the highly recognized New Yorker[iv], he slips in his dig at those “…right wing Tea Party activists”

Taking elitism to new levels, both President Obama and former President Clinton joined the chant against the TEA Party movement.   President Obama jokes that they “…should be saying thank you”. President Clinton implies a link between the movement and terrorist violence. These two offenses are disturbing and dangerous. The media who failed to see the inappropriateness of the attacks, offer advocacy in their silence.  The headlines should have read -How Dare You Mr. President.

Instead, the compliant main stream media waves red pom poms of support. Tea Party Protestors are being presented as Orwell’s “Emmanuel Goldstein, the enemy of the people.” Televisions and computers screens todays “Telescreen” broadcasting the “Two Minute Hate.”[v] Sadly, the situation is a welcomed delight of the administration and current party in power; a despot’s dream come true. Left unopposed, who will be next?

From the truth rises the pillar of freedom.  Our battle for liberty and economic recovery will not be won from a violent uprising, or a liberal media suddenly abandoning their bias. Liberty will be preserved by the efforts of individuals who courageously work to uncover the truth and demand the same from the press.

Abraham Lincoln understood the value of truth when he said “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe.” But today, President Ronald Reagan’s famous words “Trust but verify” are a needed addendum, lest appointments for room 101[vi] become mandated by Congress under the commerce clause.

Anthony Pfau is a freelance conservative filmmaker and filmaking instructor


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Written by Tony Pfau

May 7, 2010 at 2:17 am

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