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802.11n via Q1000 and Mac Mystery Unraveled

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For those in the same boat…

Countless hours spent trying to sort through nebulous and vague information, help files, help tutorials to simply get a new MacbookPro to connect to 802.11n via a Qwest / Centurylink Q1000.  Here’s a tip, if you’re trying this too, this is the only place you’ll find what took me days to get worked out.

It took 2 days of searching, including unanswered emails to manufacturer, and the typical can’t contact customer service issue with century link to find out how to get 802.11n working with iPhones and MacBookPro and our iPhones with a Q1000.  Ya think they could have bothered to post this information somewhere?

set the wireless router security to WPA2 Personal AES–as above under Wireless Security.

It can’t go without saying that while those community forums are helpful, once in awhile, manufacturers appear to be skirting the most basic issues.  Speaking of forums, apparently no one on the planet every googled,

“I can’t connect to 802.11n via Q1000”

“Wifi won’t connect to 802.11n on macbook pro or iphone”

“Qwest Q1000 connect to iphone 802.11n”

or many other variations of the same.  All that was wanted was to find someone, somewhere with some information about how they could connect their new macbookpro, iPhone or iPad to 802.11n.   Alas, it must be that this was a problem that only the writer must have suffered, or was it that no one else could find the information either?

So, in case you’re one of the people living in the shadows stuck on 802.11g having hardware that has and can connect to the faster 802.11n, and this page actually showed up in a google search, hope this helped.

Oh here’s another for MacBookPro users. To find out what speed your wifi is connected, i.e. g/n etc, hold the option key down and click the airport icon up top. ( in MacOs 10.12 and newer the info shows below but over black/grey)

It can’t go without saying ,but the dumbing down of the children, the college degrees that document attendance instead of performance is showing up in the pathetic customer service we see from manufacturers throughout the land. You’d think, perhaps just one person might consider that Mac owners might want to connect to the expensive new modem/router they bought.  Of course that might require actually thinking about us the customer instead of whatever the heck they’re thinking about.


Written by Tony Pfau

May 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm