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War On Vaping, Tyranny in Action

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I smoked for over forty years. I like many smoked because I enjoyed it.  I didn’t want to quit, although I tried several times for several reasons.  I’m not the only one who at one time or another was thinking about quitting, only to find some ban, some new tax representing the government ordering me to quit. So, like many, I said screw you, I’m a free man, so I didn’t.

The assault on smokers started years ago.  Many of the so called facts they cited in order to ban, tax, criminalize tobacco use have had to be “revised”.  Studies show that 66% of cancer they can only attribute to bad genes.  The remaining cancer cases, they can’t really pin down the cause.  They can’t explain old people that smoke and are still alive.  They even had to remove the label from cigarettes that said smoking causes lung cancer, because it was never proven.

Despite all of the laws, taxes, negative press, name calling, they never did remove smoking from society, nor will they.  They never kept kids from smoking. They may have reduced the numbers, but, how can you take them seriously when the same smoke haters are vape haters, that seek to ban vaping which many use to quit smoking tobacco.  So, it never has been about health then has it.

I quite dismayed at the endless misinformation chatter from those who are working to ban vaping. So many reports misleading, don’t report the other facts, or in many cases flat out lie. The fact is that for millions of us, vaping, e-cigarettes is the only thing that helped us quit smoking tobacco, even though it is full surrender to an unfair assault on our freedom. Now, governments and nanny state do gooders are working to ban vaping, which is more of a health solution than a health risk. The most popular is a report about formaldehyde found when a cronie tested vapor made using a power level that no one would ever do. Many reports never show a control set, as in the test with just air, or against tobacco. California just banned it based on false claims that hundreds of thousands will die from vaping.

I’m sure I speak for many of us who have successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping, that the unfair attacks on vaping, the lies, the over reach by governments to tax, regulate, ban, restrict and send now non-smokers out to inhale second hand smoke is very upsetting. The notion that it looks like smoke so it must be, is quite amazing considering those leading the charge against vaping claim to be the intellectually superior.

The question those opposing need to be faced with is simple. Does a free American have the right to drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, vape as a matter of liberty, or are we to surrender to a group of folks who dictate that we must live as they see fit. If you are on the side where you think it’s okay to ban smokers and vapers from smoking or vaping, then how will you handle the bans that come your way for your legal and moral choices?

Since when did liberty become taxable?


Written by Tony Pfau

March 4, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Posted in Op Ed