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Mystery Solved: How to Tighten Single Kitchen Faucet Handle on Moen Adler

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You won’t find any information about the size of the allen wrench that you need to simply tighten the handle on the Moen Adler. You’d think they’d be courteous or have someone there that might think that us consumers might need that information instead of a part number that has no part associated with it.  At any rate, perhaps someone will find this in a Google search and save themselves some angst.

I just used a 3/32 size allen wrench in the hole on the back side, that of course you can’t see into, and the handle is nice and tight.  Hope that helps someone.  I wonder if thinking about the end use will ever return to product manufacturing

Adler chrome one-handle low arc kitchen faucet

Model #:  CA87530


Written by Tony Pfau

April 25, 2015 at 10:03 pm

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